HygroClip IX

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HygroClip ID-EX, ATEX 2180

HygroClip EX Digital EX Humidity and Temperature Measurement

HygroClip EX is a series of probes for the measurement of humidity and temperature in hazardous areas featuring the latest digital signal processing and data transmission technology.
Suitable for connection to the
HygroFlex range of industrial transmitters, or for use as a stand alone 4…20 mA 2 wire transmitter, the HygroClip EX probes offer wide measurement ranges and flexible installation options.

The EX probes are based on ROTRONIC’s innovative HygroClip technology, which features a custom ASIC to provide the highest possible accuracy and features such as digital calibration and probe interchange ability.
Each probe is constructed throughout from high grade stainless steel, with full IP65 protection.
Each probe is fitted with a replaceable fi lter system which protects the sensors from high air speeds, dust, grease etc.

To comply with hazardous area standards, a Zener Barrier is required between the HygroClip EX probes and the HygroFlex, or when used as a 2 wire 4…20 mA transmitter, between the probe and the control or monitoring system.

All three probes measure over the range of 0…100 %rh thanks to the well proven Hygromer humidity sensor technology which has excellent long term stability, high tolerance to chemical contamination, and withstands exposure to condensation without any effect on calibration stability.
Temperature range is dependent on the version used.

HygroClip ID-EX, ATEX 2180

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HygroClip ID-EX

Suitable for duct or through-the-wall installation with a robust 250 x 15 mm stainless steel probe.

Temperature measuring range is 0…100 C, provided the electronics enclosure does not exceed the Ex temperature rating -20…40 C.


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HygroClip IC-EX, ATEX 2180

Cable mounted probe for use in applications with high or low temperatures; -50…200 C. and where installation flexibility is required.

The robust stainless steel probe is available in two lengths, 120 and 270 mm, and both are fitted with a 2 m cable.

HygroClip IC1-EX: 120 mm, HygroClip IC2-EX: 270 mm


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HygroClip IW-EX, ATEX 2180

For wall mounted applications with an external stainless probe: 150 x 15 mm.

Operating temperature: -20…40 C.

Order code:
HygroClip IW-EX

The total cable length between the
HygroClip EX probe and the HygroFlex transmitter must not exceed 200 m.



Digital EX Humidity and Temperature Application

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Duct-mount probe     Wall-mount probe     Cable type

HygroClip EX Technical Specifications

Specifications HygroClip ID-EX HygroClip IW-EX HygroClip IC-EX 

Humidity measuring range

0…100 %RH

Temperature measuring range -30…100 C* -20…40 C -50…200 C
Accuracy at 23 C

1 %RH, 0.2 K


< 0.5 %rh, 0.1 C

Response Time <15 s at 1 m/s air velocity at 23 C
Long Term Stability < 1 %rh, 0.1C per year
Sensors Humidity: - Hygromer IN-1, Temperature: - Pt100 1/3 DIN
Adjustment points 35, 80, 10 & 0 %RH, T0 & Tmax.
Electronics operating range -20…40 C, 0…100 %RH
Output signals Digital 4…10 mA, Analogue 4…20 mA
Load Max. 800 at 26 VDC
Power 4…20 mA in loop power configuration

Stainless steel, 150 x 100 x 58 mm / IP65

Probe dimensions /cable length 250 x 15 mm 150 x 15 mm IC1: 120 x 15 mm
IC2: 270 x 15 mm
2 m Cable
Approvals ex.gif (571 bytes) II 1 G E Ex ia IIC T5 resp. II 2 G E Ex ia IIC T6 ATEX 2180

* Subject to the electronics working within the range –20…40 C

HygroClip EX Ordering Information

Order Code: Description

HygroClip ID-EX 

Duct mount probe for Ex applications

HygroClip IW-EX 

Wall mount probe for Ex applications

HygroClip IC1-EX 

Cable mount probe for Ex applications, 120 mm

HygroClip IC2-EX 

Cable mount probe for Ex applications, 270 mm

XX ET-7018 

Blue cable between HygroClip IC, IW, ID-EX and Zener barrier. XXX = cable length


Fitting for mounting of HygroClip IC-EX


Zener barrier, DIN rail mount, for applications with HygroFlex (DIO signal)

ZB1 420 

Zener barrier, DIN rail mount , if 2 wire loop power application


Zener barrier, with enclosure (space for 4 ZB1 in total), one ZB1 included

ZB2 420

Zener barriere, with enclosure (space for 4 ZB1 420 in total), one ZB1 420 included

ZB housing 

Special enclosure for 4 Zener barriers


5m connecting cable for Zener Barrier to HygroFlex must be used in combination with HygroFlex


Wire mesh filter element, fast response, ideal for high humidity


Sintered stainless steel filter for high air velocities up to 40ms-1


Teflon foam filter for the highest level of filtration


Calibration device for all HygroClip Ex probes


Pack 5 SCS certified humidity standards, where xx = 00, 05, 10, 11, 20, 35, 50, 65, 75, 80, 95 %RH

Options, filters / mounting hardware

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SP-MSB15 Metal slotted cap mounted over sensor


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   Steel sinter filter SP-S15