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Huomioi! FATTORE Vitale & Co.
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Huomioi! FATTORE Vitale & Co.
 toimi kuluttajamarkkinoilla.

1983 - 2013


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Uusi Tramex:in kosteuspaljastin RWS = Roof and Wall Scanner
Katto- ja Seinäkosteuspaljastin

New Product Press Release

 Introduces the NEW…. Moisture Encounter PLUS 

Tramex Moisture Encounter PLUS: päivitetty versio

me_plus02_300x400 backr.jpg (41997 bytes)

Tramex Moisture Encounter PLUS
Rakennekosteuspaljastin / pintakosteusmittari/ kosteudenilmaisin / kosteuden paikallistaja

esite ja tarjous suomeksi (pdf)

The Moisture Encounter PLUS incorporates all the features and benefits found in the original Moisture Encounter such as:

  • Non-destructive moisture measurement of most materials found in the building envelope.

  • Deep signal penetration to detect elevated moisture through most covering  and coatings.

  • Rubber electrode pads in direct contact with material being tested for best sensitivity and depth of penetration.

In addition to the features found in the Moisture Encounter the New Moisture Encounter PLUS makes evaluation faster, accurate and more versatile with the following enhancements:

  • Deeper signal penetration  to over 1” into the materials being tested.

  • Wider range of readings for wood of 5% to 30% and 0 to 100 comparative..

  • Larger clear easy to read display giving meaningful readings.

  • Hold Function enables user to “freeze” the reading.

  • Switch-able “On” or “Off” audio warning tone.   

  • Automatic Power “Off” when not in use.

  • Automatic Default to last user setting when switched back on.  

The new Moisture Encounter PLUS incorporates the latest digital technology with analog read out and ease of use.


Tramex CRH betonikosteusmittari; %RH ja %H2O


esite ja tarjous suomeksi (pdf)

offers you the latest and most advanced moisture and relative humidity meters for the flooring industry.

The Tramex CRH combines  4 testing modes:

  1. Moisture content (non-destructive impedance method.) 

  2. Internal relative humidity in concrete ( by the below surface in situ sleeve method )

  3. Surface relative humidity  (with the  above surface RH hood method.)

  4. Ambient relative humidity, temperature, and dew point.

Storage and recall of  900  records  in its memory.

PC interface and software for downloading of readings to spread  sheet or report..


crh-set03_400x533.jpg (56873 bytes)
Betonikosteusmittari CRH-setti.
Setissä on: CRH
-laite, suhteellisen
kosteuden porareikäanturi, porareikätulpat,
kalibrointiliuospurkki, RS-232-tietokonejohto,
ohjelma, salkku...


crh_01_300x400.jpg (38668 bytes)

CRH näyttää 00,0%,  paino-% betonista (Concrete)
Tallennus tiedostoon F01 riville 00, (F01/00)


crh_03_sivulta_nastat600x450.jpg (63977 bytes)

Betonikosteusmittaus meneillään.
CRH-betonikosteusmittarin rikkomatta tutkivat anturinastat.
Lukemat laite antaa paino-%:na betonista.


crh_04_alta_nastat400x533.jpg (44925 bytes)

CRH:n anturipohja.

crh_06_400x533.jpg (48715 bytes)

CRH näyttää suhteellisen kosteuden RH 44,8%,
lämpötilan T 21C
ja kastepisteen Td 08,4C

Tallennus tiedostoon F01 riville 00 (F01/00)


NEW RH Hygrometer

Betonikosteusmittaus porareiästä:
Tramex RH Hygrometer:illä

offers you the latest specifically developed system for relative humidity measurement of concrete for  the flooring industry.

With a Tramex RH Hygrometer measure

relative humidity, temperature and dew point in concrete  to National Standards

  • Below surface relative humidity by the  insitu sleeve method.

  • Or above surface relative humidity by the insulated RH hood method.

  • Ambient relative humidity, temperature, and  proximity to dew point.

In addition, the Tramex RH Hygrometer can be used for humidity, temperature and dew point monitoring of other structural elements such as walls, ceilings, ducting and roofs and to monitor drying and dehumidification process.

rh-set03_400x533.jpg (63455 bytes)

RH Hygrometer-setti:
laite-RH Hygrometer, suhteellisen
kosteuden porareikäanturi, porareikätulpat,
kalibrointiliuospurkki, salkku...

rh-01_450x600.jpg (61761 bytes)

RH Hygrometer näyttää:
 suhteellisen kosteuden RH 40,2%,
lämpötilan T 22C
ja kastepisteen Dewpoint 07,7C


For more information contact: FATTORE Vitale & Co.