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Huomioi! FATTORE Vitale & Co.
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Pieni ja edullinen ilmavirtaus / vetomittaus
Kestrel 1000

Taskumallinen pieni ilmavirtausmittari

Kestrel 1000 Pocket Anemometer


Small robust design

High precision jewel mounted impeller

Large clear liquid crystal display

Maximum and average functions

Choice of units

Waterproof (IP67), Floats

Replaceable impeller

Long life lithium battery

Low cost

The Kestrel 1000 Anemometer


The Kestrel 1000 Pocket Anemometer is a small electronic rotating vane type of anemometer that can be easily carried in a pocket.

It uses high precision jewel bearings and a light weight impeller to provide accurate wind and air flow measurements even at low speeds.

The impeller assembly is replaceable by the user in the case of damage.

Low power microprocessor technology is used to provide speed, maximum speed, average speed and units selection; functions normally only found on more expensive instruments.

The liquid crystal display has large 10mm high digits for clear readout.

Power is from an easily replaceable standard lithium coin type cell that will typically give up to 400 hours of operation.

The instrument automatically switches off if no keys are pressed for 30 minutes

The Kestrel Pocket Anemometer is made from high impact injection moulded plastic and corrosion resistant materials with the electronics fully sealed.

It will float if accidentally dropped into water. There is a hard cover for protection when not in use and a lanyard is provided for added security.


Two buttons on the front of the instrument mean operation is extremely simple. One button (ON) is used to switch on/off and the other (MODE) is used to select the display of current, maximum or average air speed.

Holding the ON button down and pressing the MODE button selects the required units.


Small robust design and high accuracy of the Kestrel Pocket Anemometer makes it an extremely versatile air flow measuring instrument, ideal for numerous applications:-

Agriculture - checking conditions for crop spraying or burning.

Aviation - ballooning, gliders, hang gliders, micro lights, parachutists, paragliders, sky diving.

Civil Engineering - site safety, working conditions, safe operation of cranes, wind stress measurements.

Coast Guard - assessing conditions for survival or safety.

Education - air flow measurements and experiments, assessing outdoor conditions for school sports, environmental studies.

Fire Fighters - indication of fire spreading hazard.

Heating and Ventilation - air flow measurements, checking the condition of filters.

Hobbyists - Model aircraft, model boats, kite flying.

Industry - air flow measurements, pollution control.

Police - measurement of cross winds on roads.

Outdoor activities - archery, cycling, fishing, golf, sailing, shooting, track and field sports.

Outdoor workers - assessing conditions.

Science - aerodynamics, environmental science, meteorology.

Kestrel hand-held weather meters

Down load the Kestrel 1000 data sheet
(PDF file requiring Adobe Acrobat Reader)

See also:

The Beaufort Wind Scale

The Beaufort Scale, used throughout the marine world, has developed over many years since it was first devised by Admiral Francis Beaufort in 1806. Today, the Beaufort scale is defined for seamen in terms of sea state. 

It's emphasis is more on the observed effect of the wind, rather than the actual wind speed.

Beaufort Force Wind Speed Knots Description Sea Condition
0 0 Calm Sea like a mirror
1 1 - 3 Light air Ripples but without foam crests
2 4 - 6 Light breeze Small wavelets. Crests do not break
3 7 - 10 Gentle breeze Large wavelets. Perhaps scattered white horses
4 11 - 16 Moderate breeze Small waves. Fairly frequent white horses
5 17 - 21 Fresh breeze Moderate waves. Many white horses
6 22 - 27 Strong breeze Large waves begin to form; white foam crests. Probably spray
7 28 - 33 Near gale Sea heaps up and white foam blown in streaks along the direction of the wind
8 34 - 40 Gale Moderately high waves. Crests begin to break into spindrift. The foam is blown in well marked streaks along the direction of the wind
9 41 - 47 Severe gale High waves. Dense foam along the direction of the wind. Crests of waves begin to roll over. Spray may affect visibility
10 48 - 55 Storm Very high waves with long overhanging crests. The surface of the sea takes a white appearance. The tumbling of the sea becomes heavy and shock-like. Visibility affected
11 56 - 63 Violent storm Exceptionally high waves. The sea is completely covered with long white patches of foam lying in the direction of the wind. Visibility affected
12 64+ Hurricane The air is filled with foam and spray. Sea completely white with driving spray. Visibility very seriously affected

Kestrel hand-held weather instruments

All our Kestrel hand-held wind and weather meters have the option to display wind readings in Beaufort force.

The range of Kestrel® instruments

Kestrel 1000

Kestrel 1000

Hand-held wind meter

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Kestrel 2000

Kestrel 2000


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Kestrel 2500

Kestrel 2500

Hand-held weather meter

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Kestrel 3000

Kestrel 3000

Environmental meter

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Kestrel 3500

Kestrel 3500

Pocket weather meter

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Kestrel 4000

Kestrel 4000

Pocket weather tracker

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Kestrel 4500

Kestrel 4500

Pocket weather tracker
with direction

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Comments on the Kestrel 1000

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